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  • Grey Rolls Royce Phantom

    Grey Rolls Royce Phantom

    At almost six metres long, the Rolls Royce Phantom cuts an imposing figure on the road. It weighs 2.5 tonnes, but the air-sprung suspension allows for unflustered and precise cornering – better than any previous Rolls Royce. Under the bonnet is a 453bhp, BMW-sourced 6.75-litre engine, which will propel you

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  • Bentley Mulsanne

    Bentley Mulsanne

    The Bentley Mulsanne is a rare piece of automotive culture–a flagship for the Bentley brand, an ultra-luxury four-door that brushes aside “premium” brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, it’s astonishingly expensive and stunningly crafted. The Mulsanne’s classic design, immense horsepower, and painstaking attention to detail give it some rational basis for

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  • Rolls Royce Ghost

    Rolls Royce Ghost

    The Ghost may be the most affordable way to get behind the wheel of Rolls-Royce, but it’s anything but common. Designed to be a more dynamic take on the brand’s traditional luxury, the Ghost remains one of the most recent additions to the hyperluxury class. For 2014, the Ghost carries

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  • White Bentley Flying Spur

    White Bentley Flying Spur

    For luxury car fans who desire the option to share the opulence, there’s the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, a four-door version of the GT with adult-sized rear seats. Just as with the GT, the Flying Spur provides meticulous craftsmanship, near flawless leather covering almost every interior surface and rich wood

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  • Rolls Royce Phantom

    Rolls Royce Phantom

    Welcome to the Rolls Royce Phantom, one of Las Vegas Limos flagship models. This car shouts out presence, style, luxury and exclusivity. This is the perfect model choice of chauffeur driven car; the handcrafted Rolls Royce has its own presence arriving at your special celebration. The 6.75 litre engine has

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  • Rolls Royce Phantom Drop Head

    Rolls Royce Phantom Drop Head

    Just as you thought Las Vegas Limos had the complete fleet we have added a brand new Rolls Royce Drop Head, this car is one of the rarest cars due to its price tag of over half a million pounds. This car is truly a head turner and portrays style,

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Why limo hire is a top choice for your big night out
Hiring a limo might seem like an extravagance in these frugal times, but for a truly memorable night out nothing quite compares to the comfort, luxury and convenience of having your own chauffeur driven car for the night. When it comes to limo hire, you could save yourself a great deal of stress and hassle, and it might not cost as much as you think.

The benefits of limo hire

You can be sure that hiring a limo in Peterborough, or anywhere for that matter, will see you arriving at your destinations in style. But what else does limo hire offer that the other options just cannot compare with? Here are a few reasons customers of limousine companies in Peterborough think there is no other choice when it comes to party night transport:
• Arrive looking your best: When you hire a limo, you’ll be collected from your front door and dropped at the entrance of the club, pub or theatre. Public transport often means waiting around for taxis to arrive or walking some distance from bus stops. With the British weather as unpredictable as it is, limo hire ensures you arrive looking just as gorgeous as you did when you left the house.
• Start the party early: As soon as you step into your limo, you’ll be able to kick back and relax, even enjoying a glass of bubbly on the trip if you wish. Limos in Peterborough are all air conditioned and have excellent sound systems, so you can stay cool and chill out to your favourite tunes on route.
• Money saving for big groups: If you are in a party of 8 or more people, taking a taxi would mean booking two cars at least, and the expense of taking separate taxis can add up to a substantial amount. For a fixed price you can travel together in the luxury of a limo with no concerns about having the right money to pay at the end of the journey.
• Leave when you want to: Your luxury limo will be waiting for you outside the venue until you are ready to go. This means there will be no queuing for taxis and no wasted time as your limo hire company will convey you straight to the door of your next nightspot, letting you maximise your enjoyment on your big night out.
• Open options: Because you fix the price for your limo hire before you hit the streets of Peterborough, you have the option to change your mind about where you are going as many times as you wish. If you arrive at a nightclub and find the queue is too long, or the music is not to your taste, you can simply head back to your limo and move on to the next hive of activity with no worries about taxi costs or wasted time.

Limo hire Peterborough – booking tips and advice

If you’ve decided that limo hire is for you, here are a few tips to ensure you book with the best company for your needs:
• Find a reputable company – get recommendations from friends or ask for testimonials from previous customers to check their credentials
• Visit the car – If you can, ask to see the vehicle before booking to ensure it is in good condition and adequate for your needs
• Ask about hidden costs – Check if there will be extra to pay if you go over a certain distance or after midnight
• Get several quotes – Cheap isn’t always best, but ensure you are being quoted competitively by getting at least three prices