Q) Can you provide more than one vehicle for one job?

A) YES we can. Our specialised event planning team would be in touch to arrange your journey and vehicles required. So whatever the occasion we can make it hassle free for you, and arrange a package that meets all your needs for that special occasion. There are companies that will promise you package deals and promise you certain vehicles however there is no guarantee that all the vehicles’ you have chosen will arrive. That’s where the difference lies with us as we are personally liable for our vehicles, so what you book is what you get at a competitive price.

Q) Do you hire the vehicles on destination to destination or hourly based?

A) This is a frequently asked question, as we say to everyone due to destination distance and timing this all varies. Hence if your journey is local within our area we suggest destination to destination booking as this works out cheaper for you. However, if the journey is further than our catchment area then we say hourly based, as this will work out more beneficial for you. The choice is yours and we can cater for both, hourly or destination based at the best price possible.

Q) Are the Chauffeurs uniformed?

A) At Las Vegas Limos our chauffeurs compliment our vehicles, so smart and sleek is the only policy, along with polite & charming personalities and excellent customer service skills.

Q) I can get the same vehicle cheaper elsewhere?

A) That may certainly be the case. However, the chances are you are not going to get a like for like quote. We constantly ensure our prices remain as the most competitive prices in the industry. However, we also ensure our fleet of vehicles are yours to impress. They are delivered to you in the highest quality possible, a chauffeur who has years of driving experience as well as a high degree of professionalism, and our cars themselves, are a class of their own.

Is it really worth compromising all this just to save a few pounds? Having said that, please feel free to call us any time and we will go beyond the call of our duty to ensure we deliver the best service to you at the best price possible, and unlike some of our competitors, without having to take any short-cuts!”
Solution: Quality, Reliability and High Standards from a reputable firm are never going to be the cheapest option, Never. If price is all that matters you may be in for a big surprise! Las Vegas Limos will never compromise standards or timing and delivery promises.